Monday, May 09, 2011


400 Lygon St
Carlton, VIC 3053
Ph: 9347 5657

After a book launch that was devoid of any food, Visal and I headed off to Trotters for a nice simple meal. I had never tried Trotters before as I'm really wary of Italian restaurants on Lygon Street but Visal told me that Trotters was one of the better one. It turned out she was definitely correct.

Trotters is a very small restaurant nicely decorated with various wall hangings. They keep the light very low, which you know I'm not a fan of. It doesn't really add ambiance, just makes it hard to see anything, including what you're eating. Luckily for my photos, I learnt from Michele that I can use my iPhone Flashlight app to help light them up enough for the camera.

We ordered two pasta dishes to share, although I wish we had ordered the Trotters Special Chips which the next table was eating. It looked and smelled amazing and I could hear the crunch when they ate it. However, back to what we actually ate. We ordered the Gnocchi Bolognese and Seafood Linguini. The gnocchi was excellent, soft and pillowy and the bolognese sauce very nice. The linguini pasta was good, and the seafood not too bad. But the whole dish needs more flavour and was a bit bland.

The dessert of Sticky Date Pudding was decadently good. A dense sticky date cake was swimming in a pool of glorious butterscotch sauce. The obligatory ice cream help cut through all the richness.

Price wise, it's not a cheap meal, with the small pastas at about the $20. It is better fare than most other places on Lygon Street so if you want some simple pasta, give Trotters a go.

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  1. I don't think I've ever been to Lygon and paid attention to any of the outlets... apart from going to the usual "Touristy" shops (you know the ones).. hMMmm

  2. I-Hua, the shops are very touristy and I don't choose to go there and eat usually.

  3. great consistent fare of good quality and reasonable prices.