Thursday, May 05, 2011

Competition: Jazz Apples and $150 Voucher

************COMPETITION CLOSED**********************

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". There's a reason that saying is still around. Apples are extremely healthy for us and provide a host of vitamins and fibre, and they're tasty as well. I eat an apple every day, usually preferring Granny Smiths, Fuji or Royal Gala. When I was informed of the new Jazz Apple, I was happy to give them a try.

Jazz apples are a cross between Braeburn and Royal Gala. I haven't tried the Braeburn variety but I can't definitely say that it has a Royal Gala taste. For me, the apple has a purer, cleaner flavour than my favourite Fuji apple. It's got a tang, but not as much as Fujis. The apple is sweet and what I really like is the thin skin, which is not bitter like the Fuji. This means that I don't need to peel my apples anymore. A lot of Jazz apple trees have been planted around the country so the apples can be bought at all major supermarkets and fruit shops all year round.

You can enjoy these Jazz apples by purchasing them from the supermarket, or by entering this competition I'm running where the winner gets

5 x 6 pack of Jazz Apples and $150 Woolworths Voucher

Competition - How To Enter

To enter the competition, answer the question below. The most creative answer chosen by me will win the prize pack of 5 x 6 pack Jazz Apples and $150 Woolworths Voucher.

*** What will you do with the jazz apples should you win them? ***

Conditions of Entry
- Australian readers only.
- Competition closes May 20th 9pm AEST.
- The winner will be selected by me and announced on May 21st. Winners will be notified personally.
- Please ensure there is a way I can contact you, either email, Twitter or blog.

Thanks to Media Moguls for providing me some apples to sample.


  1. Every time I see an apple jelly I keep wondering how easy/hard it might be to make one - I've made some fairly "rustic" jams in my time but never a jelly, so I think I would be inspired to give it a go.

  2. I had a disaster on Easter Sunday trying to make a tarte tatin ..... I will blame the apples I didnt use Jazz apples, i just burnt the pastry, burnt the caramel and undercooked the apples, I am special.
    So this time I would go simple and not complicate it, maybe a crumble

  3. Oh that's easy.

    I would use one of the apples as bait, and go to a farm to lure a suckling pig.

    Another apple would be used to throw at the wee piggy's head to knock it out.

    I'd have to carry the pig home, so I'd need a snack - surprise, there would be a handy apple in my pocket. Actually, I would probably need to eat two apples for energy. How heavy are suckling pigs?

    And finally when I got it home, I would roast little piggy with an apple in it's mouth and invite all my friends over for a feast.

  4. Iron Chef Shellie5/05/2011 10:40 PM

    I lOVE anything to do with apples..

    I'd probably get my cousins around and we would make apple crumble just like the good old days. Our secret is to put flaked almonds in the crumble for something special. And a good dollop of vanilla ice-cream I'd make myself.... yummm

  5. Not fair! I'm not australian!. :(

  6. I will make my fav juice daily-> fresh apple juice with the new juicer I have just bought with the intention of staying healthy. I just love the taste of fresh apples-> very refreshing

  7. How on earth are we suppose to top Agnes's comment?

    Once Agnes catches the suckling pig with all those apples, I'm going over!

  8. i think if i won those packs of Jazz Apples i'd be handing them out to the homeless around where I work in the Sydney city area for some much needed nourishment and healthy eating :-) — but i'd also try one myself to see what they're like.

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  10. I would sell it and replace it with an Android-based fruit, because their fruit has better features.

  11. I hope I would win so I could test if what you said (sweet & thin skin) is true!

  12. I'd make my grandma's apple pudding to have as dessert after Agnes' suckling pig, and serve it up with fresh home-made custard. Hard to describe the pudding... light batter, a little bit of sago, and a super-sweet apple reduction drizzled on top is as close as I can get.

  13. I will try to make Toffee Apple. I first tasted it in US and have always wanted to make it myself. With so many Jazz Apples, this would be the best opportunity.

  14. This is what I would do with the Jazz apples...

    To the tune of “All That Jazz” (Chicago the musical)

    Come on, Babe
    Why don't we roast a pig?
    And apple Jazz.

    I'm gonna bake a pie
    And roll a strudel with fig,
    And apple Jazz.

    Start the car
    I know a dinner spot,
    Where the cider is cold
    But the crumble is hot.
    It's just a comfy barn
    Where you’re here at chez Thanh,
    And apple Jazz!


  15. I would make them dance the Jazz with me... we will have a show call "dancing with the apples". The Apples would be healthier and sexier and taste better.

    I would love to try the lemon and apple cake

  16. I would throw them at my boss at work. He is in the cubicle opposite me so it would difficult for me to miss :P

  17. I would mush them all up and make my own line of baby food. I will call the product: Jazzy Apple Bees

  18. Phone my doctor, chew one in his ear and laugh!

  19. I would line up a bunch of brave people, place the jazz apples on top of their heads and then roundhouse kick the apples off their heads taekwondo style. Maybe you could be one of thos lucky people Thanh? We could record it and put it on youtube.

    What do you think - awesome idea or potential lawsuit?