Monday, May 30, 2011

Mornington Peninsula - Peninsula Hot Springs

Springs Lane (formerly Devonport Drive)
Fingal (Rye), VIC 3939
Ph: 5950 8777

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After a wonderful lunch at Max's Restaurant, I was heading off to my most eagerly anticipated location of the whole trip, the Peninsula Hot Springs. The hot springs have really developed a reputation for themselves and become a very popular tourist destination. A recent 7 million dollar renovation means that it's even bigger and better and can accommodate even more people.

The hot spring experience started by first changing into some very plush robes and sipping some calming herbal tea. Then it was off to the private indoor bathing, where natural spring water was infused with some essential oils. The water was so soothing and warm, and stayed warm for a very long time. After falling asleep in the bath, the 30 minute session was over and I felt very relaxed.

The public bathing pools at the top of the mountain. Photo courtesy of Peninsula Hot Springs.

I decided to go out to the public baths to explore and also bathe some more. The springs was far bigger than I imagined, with many pools set up along the side of a mountain. At the bases, there was large pools with varying water temperatures, and some cold pools to plunge into. It was so invigorating to plunge from the hot water to the cold. There were also lots of little tubs that you can sit into and soak yourself. As you work your way up the mountain, you can walk through the foot massage rocks and help open up your senses. Numerous other pools were situated along the mountain, with different setups. It just looked beautiful and you could easily spend a day there.

Public bathing pools at the base of the mountain. Photo courtesy of Peninsula Hot Springs.

When you've finished bathing, there is also food to be eaten at the cafe, or you can enjoy numerous other relaxing activities like foot massages, mud treatments, full body massages and hot stones. There is an activity for everyone, at all price ranges. You can bath for as less as $10 early in the morning and later in the night.

Spa dreaming centre. Photo courtesy of Peninsula Hot Spring.

I would highly recommend you go and try out the Peninsula Hot Springs for yourself. I'm not sure if it was definitely the mineral water, but my skin was so soft that I couldn't believe it. It was the smoothest and softest my skin has ever been. That lasted about 4 days. I think I need to go back again to help cleanse my skin some more. See you there.

We bathed courtesy of Peninsula Hot Springs.


  1. Wouldn't I just love to just pack up and live there forever! Sigh...

  2. Ahhh... I am actually heading there in the next couple of months for a birthday weekend.

  3. omg hot spring!! you are so lucky :( the closest ive ever got to a hot spring was a jacuzzi

  4. Sugarpuffi, the springs were so warm and nice. My skin felt so good afterwards.