Thursday, August 17, 2006

Afrobev's Guide To Eating Out: La Marina

At Lunchtime today Philomena and I opted for the 'Custom House' otherwise known as 'La Marina' Restaurant on Penarth Haven's Marina. It was a good choice...a very good choice as it turned out.

Even though I had been there once before at a lunchtime it was not as good as this and I think the fact that last time I had Venison sausages and mash didn't help as I felt like I was eating Bambi or something. This time Phil and I took a relaxed approach to eating out and she went for the Salmon (which was mouth-watering and delicious according to my fellow diner) while I decided on Fillet Steak. Yes it was a tad expensive but we have decided to go for quality over quantity from now on with regards to eating out. So no more Pizza Hut and a lot less Nando's from here on in...But definetly a bit more of this thankyou very much! Or maybe not as the case may be as the wallet might take a bit of an unwanted hammering.

The service was very good and of a good standard on the whole while the basket of french bread we received before the main course always gives the establishment brownie points from me. But in truth the food was pretty damn suberb and it was probably one of, if not THE best steak I have ever had. Admittedly though I have said that about a lot of steaks so don't go by that. I am a bit fickle when it comes to eating steak dinners. There were a lot of garlic mushrooms on the side too but that didn't matter because I am such a fun guy (fungi! Get it? I belong on the stage!).

Still excellent though and a big thumbs up from me. We shall definetly be frequenting the establishment for further tastings but not too often as there is a limit on my lunchtime spending. Here's the official word...

Afrobev's Ratings:
Food- A+
Ambience- A
Waiter- B- (Could have been a bit friendlier but you can't have it all)
Presentation A+
Overall- A (fungi, fun guy! It's a play on words you see and... Oh never mind!)

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  1. Mmmm I love a good steak. The steak I had at the Waterfront Pier Restaurant wasn't that good although it was expensive.