Friday, August 18, 2006

Afrobev's Guide To Eating Out: Sushi at 'Zushi'

With my blogging friend Thanh starting his new food blog soon 'I Eat Therefore I Am' and with all of us fellow bloggers adding our food experiences to the blog. I thought I had better get back in to the swing of it by posting one of my World famous Eating Out Guide's.

However, Philomena opted to go for Sushi (yuck). Sorry but I'm not loving the sushi!

Phil, Theresa and I couldn't decide where we wanted to go to eat last night and after a lot of "umming" and "aaahing", Phil turned around to Treez and said "Do you like vegetarian sushi?". Neither of us were that enamoured to be honest but as Phil had been working so hard all week and we had been out on a relaxing jolly all day we decided to let her get her own way (which happens more often than not if it's just the two of us so why change the habit of a lifetime?). So the three of us headed off to the sushi bar in town - 'Zushi'.

I have never been to a sushi bar before and have only ever seen it on american cop shows but it all seemed a bit surreal upon arriving. Just lots of little different coloured plates of raw fish and rice going around a conveyor belt type thing all around the restaurant, whether you were sat at the counter or at a booth. That along with some really spaced out music made it feel like you were dreaming of food going around you. Although if I was dreaming about all that food going around me I am pretty sure I would dream about something other than rice wrapped in seaweed, like cakes or ice cream or something. Mmmm Ice cream!

The colour coded plates meant that they were priced differently and you could just help yourself to anything that takes your fancy. Phil was in her element and was picking out mini plates of sushi with avocado and cucumber in it while Theresa and I sat there bemused and she looked decidedly green around the gills. I must confess to trying a fair bit of Phil's numerous plates and dipping it into soya sauce but I just wasn't really enjoying it to be honest and neither was Treez. The only way I can describe the taste is when you are abroad and swimming in the sea and a high wave hits you in the face and all you can taste is the salty ocean.

For our hot plates the girls went for noodles while I had a curry with chicken in breadcrumbs and rice which was quite tasty and very well presented but again I wouldn't go overboard and say it was the best thing I have ever tasted. The breaded chicken with the sauce was nice though. Overall, the service was friendly and the establishment was very clean and I suppose the food was good if your taste buds actually like sushi, but I am afraid that mine don't very much and unless there was nothing else to eat in the World I doubt that I will be doing the sushi thing again. I am quite sure a sushi lover would have a different opinion altogether as Phil thought it was delicious so I suppose if she likes it she can always either go with Leanne (another sushi lover) or she can get one of the take out boxes that they do.

Still, you have to try these things!

Afrobev's Ratings:
Food- B- (the rating is for the chicken in breadcrumbs with curry sauce. The sushi is just not me but I am sure a sushi lover would have a different opinion)
Ambience- B (certainly different and I did like the food going around but the music was at times a bit unsettling)
Waiter- A- (the male waiter was very helpful and efficient. Especially as we told him it was our first time at a sushi bar)
Presentation and Price - B (Phil had about four plates of sushi and we each had drinks and a hot plate and the total price was £33.50. Not bad for three of us I suppose)
Overall- B- (I am sorry that it's not more and I really wish that I completely fell in love with the whole sushi experience but I'm afraid I didn't at all. I can completely understand those who do love it but for one reason or another it's just not my bag baby!)

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  1. I used to dislike Sushi too, but have grown to really like it. I will do a post on Sushi soon too.