Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Afrobev's Guide To Eating Out: The Maenllwyd Inn

Welcome to the first part of the World famous eating out guide as written by Afrobev and was first seen on my blog 'A Man Amongst Men'.

I Went to a restaurant last called The Maenllwyd Inn at Rudry with Philomena on our Wednesday night 'date night' and I must admit the food there was absolutely gorgeous. My date wasn't bad either!

Its about the third time I've been there as the first couple of times we went with our friend Leanne-who is a total foodie like us and seems to know all the best places for a munch. She's got this place spot on as it serves some of the nicest food I've ever tasted...And the desserts are to die for. Its a nice, cosy, low light country setting.The ceilings are a bit on the low side for my height but I find it a suitably relaxing environment. Especially for date night.

Last night we had Chicken breast stuffed with leeks and mushrooms in a garlic sauce with potatoes of your choice(Chips, Chips, Chips!) and a selection of fresh vegetables. For afters Phil had Chocolate Mousse and I had Vanilla Cheesecake with ice cream from their vast selection on their dessert board. Got to go back to try out more desserts...And more main courses for that matter. I'm not a seafood nut as a rule but I feel I should return there and try some of their tantalizing fish dishes, it's got to be done.

The waiter there is a bit eerie and sinister( like he should open the door at a haunted manor and say"You Rang?"). But I think he puts it on a bit as part of the act as the Inn is supposed to be haunted by a man known as the Legless Cavalier.Due to the fact that he's got no legs, not because he's had too much to drink. Though that's probably due to the fact that he couldn't get a drink from the slowest bar staff in Wales, who stumble around the bar at a snails pace with personalities of pall bearers. Apart from that though, the Maenllwyd rules when it comes to the complete dining experience!

Afrobev's Ratings:
Food- A
Ambience -B
Waiter- A-
Bar- C
Presentation -A
Overall A

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