Thursday, August 17, 2006

Penang Char Kaoy Teow

This recipe is actually from Choo, who has asked me to help her post it.


*1kg of fresh, fine koay teow
*half kg of fresh, medium sized prawns
*30 gms of chives
*half kg of fresh, bean sprouts
*3 Chinese sausages
*8 fresh eggs
*32 to 40 fresh cockles
*200 gms of fresh garlic
*oyster sauce
*a dash of salt
*fresh ground chillies
*a dash of sugar
*cooking oil


1. Peel the prawns.

2. Chop garlic finely.

3. Cut the sauces into fine pieces.

4. Cut chives into about one to two cm long.


1. Heat a little oil in the wok.

2. Add garlic and stir fry till slightly brown.

3. Throw in the sausages.

4. Add in half to one teaspoon of fresh chillies.

5. Fry all the above till fragrant.

6. Add in a handful of koay teow.

7. Add in one egg.

8. Add some cut chives.

9. Add a handful of beansprouts.

10. Stir fry quickly and fry till fragrant and serve.

11. Repeat procedure, plate by plate.

PS. This is one dish that can be cooked to order. Make your guest feel importnt
by asking for his preference, eg. more beansprouts, less chilli, etc. Some may
be allergic to prawns or cockles, etc. Even if you have ten guests, it is vital that the
koay teow be fried plate by plate. To put it more poetically, every strip of koay teow must have the chance to kiss the wok. Then the flavour will be just great!

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  1. Looks delicious Auntie Choo. I think I might try that one

    James xxx