Monday, August 21, 2006

The Life Of A Krispy Kreme Doughnut

My name is Glazy and I'm an Original Glazed Doughnut from Krispy Kreme. I start my life at the Krispy Kreme store in Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, the only store so far in Melbourne. People from far and wide come and queue to see me and take me home.

I am made by first mixing the special Krispy Kreme ingredients with water and yeast. I am then passed through a high pressure "extruder". Depending on what has been decided for me, I will either have a hole or not. It turns out I had a hole in my centre. My friends who don't have a hole will be filled with custard, strawberry, raspberry or cream. After I am extruded, I take a ride up and down in a humid escalator so that I can "proof" and rise to my full potential.

The next stage in my journey is where I get a nice hot bath in vegetable shortening. I then go through a water slide where I get flipped over and bathed on the other side.

Occasionally, the slide doesn't do a proper job and a friend will not get bathed on the other side. This means they are still all dirty and white still. The doughnuts that are not properly cleaned get teased badly by the other doughnuts and called names such as "whitey" or "lumpy". Usually a staff member will protect the "whitey" doughnut and take them to another place to play with all the other "whitey" doughnuts.

The rest of us continue our journey to the fun part of the whole process, the waterfall. I just love that part. The nice warm waterfall covers me completely in a sweet sugary mixture. I get a nice smooth feeling all over and smell so nice. My shiny exterior attracts many people, who I see appreciating my new coat when their eyes light up.

After my relaxing waterfall experience, I get packed neatly into a box ready to go home with my new owner(s). The other doughnuts that keep going on the journey get filled with all other wonderful ingredients to make them even more attractive.

On this particular day, I am taken home by an intelligent looking guy who I get to know as Thanh. He has also taken home another 47 of my friends. We chat amongst ourselves happily in the car ride home. Occasionally some of my naughty friends let off some gas. Through the crack in the box, I can see Thanh lifts his nose and do this weird stiffing action when a friend lets off some gas.

When we get home, all of us are lined up neatly for a photo shoot. We get photographed from all angles. My friend Jammy and I even get solo close ups. I loved being the centre of attention and felt very proud.

Finally I was hand picked first by Thanh and fulfilled my destiny in my short but spectacular life. I was loving consumed by my owner and the joy that I provided made my journey into Doughnut Heaven all the more fun.


  1. looks very nice, though oversweet, I only can have one, maybe I am too old to have lots oversweet stuff :-)

  2. Very creatively written, Thanh.

    You are improving! Keep it up!

  3. OooO..such shiny doughnuts..

  4. I have sinced tried all the assorted donuts and my conclusion is that they are nice but definitely over rated. I didn't like the original too much but I did like the Glazed Cruller, Blueberry one, Raspberry one and Cinnamon Apple one.

    Thank you Choo. I actually sent an email round at work asking for opinions on my article. One person replied and said it was good, and even printed out my article and posted it on their desk. I want to one day maybe write for a food magazine, so I need to hone my skills on this blog.

  5. Oooh I bloody love Crispy Creme doughnuts. But you can't seem to get them over here. Last time I had them was while holidaying in Vegas about three years ago....Yum!

  6. that was a fantastic post .. but umm... 47 donuts thanh? *ahem*

  7. It was actually 48, but who's counting hahaha. I didn't eat them all just for the record. I brought a box to work, see how generous I am to share my KK doughnuts.

  8. This was the point when Mr. Do went from chubby to what he is now.

    / \
    ( )
    ( )
    ( )
    | | | |

    Artist impression of Do

  9. I have given up my Krispy Kreme addiction now. Haven't eaten any in ages.