Thursday, August 24, 2006

Afrobev's Guide To Eating Out: Merolas

Blimey we seem to eat out an awful lot!

Wednesday night date night is upon us again and for this occasion we chose the Theresa special...Merolas! It was very much a last minute decision as it often is with us and to be honest we only opted for our favourite little Italian restaurant because it was only up the road( by car at least) to where we live.

But I think we were both very glad that we did! We arrived at the side entrance, rang the doorbell and stood well back as it advised us on the door. We were warmly greeted by the man that Phil and Theresa fondly call 'Mr Merola'. A real character with kind eyes and a Super Mario Bros moustache whose only drawback is being a Manchester United fan. We can't all be perfect.

I must confess to being a little bit biased in this blog as Merolas is one of our favourite haunts and we are very often ringing up for a takeaway, cue the banter between Mr Merola and myself about opposing football teams. He sat us down at a table near the radiator so that Phil (my forever freezing cold girlfriend) could warm her back before taking our order. We then relaxed in the cosy little Italian setting as we sipped soft drinks and admired the Garlic hanging from the wall whilst staring longingly into each others eyes! Okay so maybe it wasn't quite like that. In reality I actually got caught up in a debate that Mr Merola was having with another customer about whether or not Alex Ferguson should be sacked as the Man Utd manager and their failing youth policy, but after a few stern looks from Phil, I was pulled back into realization that this was date night and that any talk of men kicking a ball around a pitch was strictly off limits.

The food, as ever was exceptional. We both had Penne Vegetarian Pasta with Chilli, Chippy things (that's what Phil calls them so I must stay true) and a hefty side order of Garlic Bread (some topped generously with cheese). We thanked Mr Merola for our feed (we paid him as wasn't free or anything) and then we skipped off down the road to our car with a spring in our step and a joyous beat in our hearts!

Actually we were both moaning that it was bloody freezing and then we picked her mother up from Bingo...

...I think I preferred my version!

Afrobev's Ratings:
Food- A+
Ambience- A+
Waiter/Mr Merola- A+
Presentation A+
Biased Opinion Of Blog Author- A+
Overall- A Very Positive Thumbs Up For Merolas Restaurant, Clare Road, Cardiff- A+

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  1. Merolas sounds like a very nice and comfortable place that I would like to go to. And "Mr Merola" sounds like a nice guy. I loved the Biased Opinion of Blog Author part hahaha.