Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Seamus O'Toole Irish Pub

This is an old post from my other blog More Thanh Words which I have decided to group here as it is about food.

Seamus O'Toole Irish Pub is located in the Knox City Shopping Centre O-Zone complex with all the other restaurants. Its the tiny place wedged between the cinema and Dragon Boat Chinese Restaurant (never go to Dragon Boat, its one of the worst dining experiences I've ever had).

Paul (below left), Kin (refused to be photographed) and I (below right) went for a "cheeeaaaapp" meal as Kin would say and some drinks. The pub is fairly dark (as most old style pubs are) and with its low wooden rafter ceilings makes you feel like you are underground as Kin noted.

The atmosphere inside is as expected, very noisy and raucous. The dining area is better lit and separated from the rest of the pub where you can't smoke. That's good since I hate the smell of smoke and don't want to taste it all in my food. The service (or lack of) is to be expected. The waitress behind the counter was less than warm, asking us "What do you want" like she was really annoyed.

As for the food itself, its pretty standard pub fare with the usual steak, pasta, pizza, chicken parma etc. We all ordered the steak, which at $12.90 is cheap for steak. I had my steak medium and it was still nice and moist. The powerful grill they used gave it a very nice charred flavour. Washed down with my beer, the meal was enjoyable without being special.

Overall Rating: 12/20, Good value for money while still quite nice

Scores: 1-9: Unacceptable, don't bother. 10-11: Just OK,some shortcomings. 12: Fair. 13: Getting there. 14: Recommended. 15: Good. 16: Really good. 17: Truly excellent. 18: An outstanding experience. 19-20: Approaching perfection, Victoria's best.

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